Bridal Party Gifts


I love it when a bride contacts me to make gifts for her bridesmaids!  It is  an honor to be a part of such an important day.  Over the years I’ve done everything from Key Fobs to Wristlets and even full-sized totes for the wedding party.

By far the most requested Bridesmaid gift is the Deluxe Clutch:



Not all brides choose identical bags.  This one chose 3 different fabrics in similar yellow colors:


Sometimes brides opt to have the bags identical on the outside but different on the inside.  This makes it easy for the girls to tell them apart later.



I’ve even done custom Key Fobs in the wedding colors for the bride and groom’s out of town guests.  


Contact me if you’ve got an idea for your bridal party.  I’d love to work with you to find fabrics that match your colors and dresses.  Orders are usually ready to ship in a week, depending on the number of bags you need.



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