Amy Butler’s Belle Line


Some people collect stamps, baseball cards, even porcelain cats.  Me?  I collect Amy Butler’s line of Belle fabrics.  It has been out of print for years but I still search the web weekly for bits and scraps of my favorite prints.  I’ve spent more than $30/yard for some of these and they are on my list of things to grab in case of a fire.

So when I first heard Amy Butler was going to rerelease the line this summer, I was elated!    Now I find out that she is only reprinting 24 of the original prints and 2 of my 3 favorites are NOT included.  **Sigh**  Why not Coriander in Pink and Clay???

Lucky for you I still have my super-secret, wrapped in plastic, rarely sees the sunlight, stash.  I will  be ordering a few of the other designs and look forward to a summer of playing with those old favorites.  Maybe they will inspire me to bring these favorites out of my vault more often.

pink coriander                 clay



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