New Yoga Bags for the New Year

Yoga Bags mat only     Bag envy.  There, I said it.  I had it.  I carried my yoga mat to pilates class with a grosgrain ribbon tied around it.  I thought it was a pretty cute idea at first until the ribbon started to fray.  Eventually I spent the beginning of each class untangling the mat and shaking strings off my hands.  But still, most of the people in class didn’t even bring their own mats so it was all good.

Then I started taking the yoga classes.  And my gym started offering hot yoga.  (smile!)  And I saw the bags.  These people had such cute ways of carrying their colorful mats to class that I stopped using my ribbon and just carried mine all alone.  Finally it occurred to me that I could probably MAKE a yoga bag.  (I know, I should have thought of that sooner but I was too busy concentrating on love and light.)

So what did I want in my new bag?  I had watched some girls pull their sticky mats out of their bags and the lining came with it.  They’d quickly stuff it back in.  (1) attach lining to the bottom of the bag!  I had seen them carried over the shoulder AND across the chest which looked super comfy.  (2) long enough strap and make it soft and padded!  I saw keys and phones tossed on the floor next to the bags.  (3) add a zipper pocket to hold the important stuff!  And I saw the colors, some drab and some exciting, but all unique.  (4) use my favorite fabrics to put together some really fun ones!

IMG_8812 Yoga Mat Bag 2 pictures IMG_8758

And there you have it.  I LOVE mine and will probably make a few so I can coordinate with my outfits.  (no, I’m not kidding)  I hope you love them too!  Coming soon will be a bigger yoga bag that holds more than just the mat.  (think water bottle, towel, yoga block…)

Oh, and Love and Light to you!  🙂



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